3D plasma burning and material cutting

Plasma cutting allows the user to cut all (electrically) conductive materials and is unrivalled in cutting high alloy steel, as well as aluminium sheets of medium and larger thicknesses.

The use of plasma is important in cutting thin and medium thick steel plates (up to 30mm) and allows cutting of high strength structural steel with very low thermal influence.

3D plasma burning and welding centre

By using plasma technology, it is possible to achieve a cut quality that no longer requires further machining and a cutting speed that is up to ten times faster than autogenous cutting.

Plasma technology finds its application and use in various fields. In industry, plasma cutting is used in sectors such as air conditioning, instrumentation, tanks, automotive, machinery, metal construction and metal processing, as well as in other sectors of industrial production.

MG plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting machine with 3D rotator technology for bevel cutting, with Hypertherm HPR400XD source, max. dimension of the fired part 6 000 x 3 000 mm, up to 80 mm thickness, True hole technology (ensures perpendicularity of the cut holes in the lower part of the fired part). Cutting tolerance according to ISO 9013.

Hyperformace Plasma HPR400XD

The HPR400XD is the fastest plasma cutting machine, can handle the most thickness, and is the most versatile HyPerformance Plasma machine on the market. For over four decades, Hypertherm has developed over 75 patented plasma technologies to bring customers the exceptional performance they rely on. With several thousand HyPerformance Plasma machines sold worldwide, the HPR product line has become the clear choice of plasma equipment for customers who demand the most consistent cut quality, maximum productivity, minimal operating costs and unsurpassed reliability.

Operating parameters of the MG plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting technology – comparison

Comparison: Autogen – Laser – Waterjet – Plasma

Possibilities of using material cutting methods in the evaluation of quality, productivity and economy.
1 = the best way
4 = inappropriate way

Material/thickness Tolerance Autogenic Laser Water jet Plasma
Construction steel > 5mm up to 0,5mm 3 2 4 1
Construction steel < 5mm up to 0,1mm NO 1 2 2
Construction steel 5 – 20mm up to 0,5mm 2 3 4 1
Construction steel 5 – 15mm up to 0,2mm 2 1 3 1
Construction steel 15 – 25mm up to 0,5mm 2 3 3 1
Construction steel 25 – 45mm 1 NO 3 1 (or 2)
Construction steel > 45mm 1 NO 2 2
High-alloy steels NO YES YES YES
Aluminium NO YES YES YES
Plastics NO YES YES NO

Advantages of the MG cutting machine

Consistently excellent cut quality.
HyPerformancePlasma cuts complex parts including bevels.
Consistently excellent cut quality, eliminating the cost of downstream operations.


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